Nawkr: Your New Social Media Obsession?


By: Thalia Molina

Can’t get enough of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Well, there’s a new social media networking app that you might need in your life and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I actually came across this app last spring when my cousin moved back to Texas from Colorado. She was having a hard time adjusting to Dallas and pretty much had zero friends in the area. She was desperate to get out and meet people and suggested that there should be a Tinder for friends. Well, turns out there was…

Nawkr known as the “Tinder for everything else” is a social media app that launched earlier this year in January of 2016. This social media platform lets you connect with people that share some of your same interests. The app uses geo-location services to let you set up a radius of 50ft to 500 miles in which you can connect with people by giving them a “nawk,” aka a knock. This sends a notification to the person on the receiving end and gives them the opportunity to open a door to a new friendship, or shut it… Whatever they decide.

How is it different than Tinder or any other dating app you ask? Well, Nawkr has a feature that allows you to search for individuals with your same interests. Business, academic, fun, and miscellaneous are some of the categories of which you can sort your network by. Say goodbye to all the awkwardness that freshman year brought about because Nawkr is making it so much easier to find your people.

It is no secret that although this app has been around for almost a year now it has not received the recognition it deserves. Dallas local Angel Armendariz created Nawkr. Angel has done everything in his power to get people talking about the app since its initial release, including a block party for its launch. So I encourage you guys to trial the app for yourself. You never know, it could be your next biggest social media obsession.

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