Adobe Is Going for Social Media – Premiere Pro

By Mengren Hu


Adobe Premiere is a common video editor which is a part of Adobe Creative cloud, the application can be used for acquisition, video editing, palette, subtitle addition, output, graphic design and it is a web development programs. There are many enterprises, movies, or short films were finished by using Adobe Premiere, such as Gone Girl, Captain Abu Raed, Monster (), and so on. There is no doubt that Adobe Premiere is a fantastic application for video makers.

Adobe is going to be more functional. Recently, Adobe added its new features to Adobe Premiere Pro, the new features allow users publish videos directly to different social media platforms from inside of Premiere Pro (Frazer, 2016; Lewis, 2016). The application now only launched as the private beta, and it is available for users directly upload video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Behance (Frazer, 2016; Lewis, 2016). After users finished editing their videos, they can choose different platforms to upload as the image 1 shows below.


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As we can see, the Premiere Pro gives the social media platform at right side with logged in social media accounts. The article offers a YouTube example to explain the new feature. Though the example, users can set the video quality, title, description, and another setting for the videos. And Premiere Pro give the recommendation of different tags so that users can touch their audience easily. Also, users can upload different time period for the same video to different social media platforms, so it is easier to targeting different audience’s demands (Frazer, 2016; Lewis, 2016).

For some users usually forget to publish new videos, Premiere Pro’s new feature allowed them to schedule the time of uploading (Frazer, 2016; Lewis, 2016).

Another functional feature is that Premiere Pro offers the performance tracking (see image 2) (Frazer, 2016; Lewis, 2016).


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This function can help users to achieve the best performance of their videos. By checking the charts of counts of views, users can decide the better time to upload videos so that more audience can watch the videos.

In conclusion, more and more software and applications are participating to the group of social media, so it is important to use social media correctly to help to build brands.







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