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Over the past few years, online dating seems to be the craze of people young and old. Websites, applications, and social media has helped open the door of opportunities for the singles of the world. Rather this new form of dating is viewed beneficial or harmful is in the eye of the beholder.

Some people instantly think of the T.V. show called “Catfish”, a show about people who met their significant other through the internet to find out it was all a lie. Now, this may be the case for some but this is not always true. The Washington Post created a article over the 5 myths of online dating which brought to light that most people may  lie on their profiles but on minor things such as height. (

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For those who see online dating as a gift from God where they can “meet hot singles in their area” without leaving their couch the view is positive. Having access to people all around the world is an opportunity that those in the past were unable to discover. In today’s time online dating is the norm, nearly 40 million americans alone are looking to find their match online.

For some endless doors are to be opened in the dating world seems like a good thing, but others find this overwhelming. In the book Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari he breaks down the world of online dating. He explains that there is a sense of curiosity that sends people to continue to search for the “perfect one”. Ansari goes on to uncover stories of people who have used online dating or social media to cheat on their partner.

This is not to say that online dating causes people to cheat but it shows that although the windows of opportunities are endless they can be tempting to one’s curiosity. This goes against the fact that about a third of the marriages today started with online dating.

In conclusion, online dating has its positives and negatives just like any other type of dating. Finding people everyday, chatting, and hopefully getting that wanted face-to-face meeting with someone is a thrill seeking journey. This way of dating is for some people but not for all. Trying online dating may be a great path for some, but honestly, it can’t hurt.

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