How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Eat


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By: Rachel Pittman

Every time I go online, I become instantly hungry. There are countless photos, videos, and status updates that involve food. It’s difficult to not spend hours looking through all of the different food photos, planning your next trip to the best new restaurant in town, and attempting to become the next Martha Stewart. New media gives the opportunity and inspiration to discover and create. Here are some different apps to use to become the ultimate #foodie.

Pinterest- Pinterest is the perfect app for cooking inspiration. You can look up recipes for any dish you want to try and discover new recipes you didn’t know existed. For example, if you want to learn how to make homemade mac and cheese, you could search for it, and the app will show different pictures and recipes for the dish.

 Instagram: Instagram is a great way to discover new restaurants. According to FoodBusinessNews, “ Sixty percent of U.S. diners said they browse food photos on social media, the survey found, and seventy five said they have chosen a place to eat based on these photos alone.” For example, if you were planning on going on vacation in New York City, you could type in the search bar New York City and look to see what people are eating there. Instagram also gives us inspiration on how take pictures of our food. On Instagram, the most aesthetically pleasing food does the best on the app. To get the best shot of your food, take a picture from above (birds eye view shot). Food/drink items that usually get the most likes are: lattes, pizza, donuts, and ice cream.

Yelp: Yelp is a “ service to help people find great local businesses.” People can go on the site and review a business based on their experience. Many use this app to check out a restaurant before they eat there. This helps customers make more informed decisions about where they eat. The success of this platform relies on word of mouth. Many people will trust the reviews of other people over reviews from traditional media outlets and advertisers.


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