Rise of Linkedin

Sam Morrow


When thinking of social media, the main ones that come to mid are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat. The one that is growing as a social media to a different audience is Linkedin. Is the largest professional network. It is the social network that is almost like an online resume. Instead of putting your interests, favorite movies or if you are in a relationship, Linkedin users put their skills and past work experience. Unlike other social sites, the friends that you connect with should be more like business conacts then friends to direct messege to hang out. Even if it is not consider among younger generations as a social networking site, Linkedin is rising to become a relevant source for employers to get a profeesional glance at future employees. Linkedin actually tops Twitter with the number of actual members; however, due to its use as a professional site it trails behind Twitter in monthly active users. However, recently users are saying that Linkedin is becoming more like Facebook as the membership continues to grow. The reason for this is that there is a trend that users are beginning to post more personalized content in the form of pictures and even jokes. This trend has mixed reviews as some believe that the intended purpose of Linkedin is not to post personal info but that it should remain a professional site. On the other hand, some think that adding the personal content gives future employers a better look at the person they want to hire and not a fact sheet. Regardless of whether or not the personal touches are welcome by users Linkedin is growing to become a preferred method of advertising and gaining clients because of the professional atmosphere. The trolls and ranting family members will not get in the way of users posting professional information about themselves unlike when on Facebook. Instead users can present themselves in the put together way that employers want. Linkedin is growing more every year and may out do the traditional social media sites in active users.

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