Samsung Makes a Product Recall for the Second Time This Fall

By Kayla Whatley

Samsung had to recall certain top-load washing machines for potential risk of injury after reports of the machines vibrating excessively during rigorous cycles, and in some cases, causing the top to fly off.

There was a Twitter moment that featured a brief overview of the situation and included popular tweets about what people had to say about Samsung having a second recall so quickly after the first that occurred with the Galaxy Note 7 in early September. In the first recall, Samsung made an official product recall after battery failures in the phones caused fires to start.

Samsung responded promptly with a tweet insuring that safety is their top priority and included a link to the consumer notice about the product recall, specifically what machines are affected and the steps you can take if you own one of the models with the problem.

Of course with this being Samsung’s second recall in two months, there were quite a few tweets and memes floating around Twitter.

Screenshot of tweet by @guav
Screenshot of tweet by Cyrus O’Merican

With over 2.8 million top-load washing machines possibly affected, Samsung is offering repairs, refunds and replacements. Overall, the company did an excellent job responding to their second PR nightmare within two months, as if one is not bad enough. They tweeted that they were aware of the reports, included that safety was their number one priority and included a link to a customer notice with everything you needed to know about the recall. I guess that practice makes perfect in crisis communications.




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