Talent Brings Followers to Social Media

By: Nicolas Austin


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I never actually got the chance to use Vine, and I barely even understand what the purpose of Vine was. I guess Vine is like Snapchat, but only solely focused on video clips. It only been around since 2013, and it has quickly dissolved before the end of 2016. In a three years span, the social media platform was not able to stand in the winning circle of Facebook and Twitter. To be honest, I heard more about Snapchat than Vine, in which people would constantly post altered pictures of themselves from Snapchat onto social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Vine was officially pronounced dead on October 27, 2016. The end of Vine made me start to think what can be the result of other platforms online. I did a little research and found that social media platforms need talent in order to keep itself relevant in today’s society. A powerhouse name can bring followers to a social media platform, which can increase the popularity of the platform. For example, the socialite, Kim Kardashian, is known for her social media selfies, and for breaking the Internet with her nude pictures. When she left social media for a week, it made a ruckus on social media and in the news, in which even CNN reported how her absence is having an effect on social media.

People like to follow talent because it makes them feel a little closer to the person/group even if they are not physically with them. According to an article from Forbes, talent can switch to different platforms, and their followers will follow them to each newly created platform. The same article also states the notion that the death of Vine can be a learning lesson for other social media platforms. Other social media platforms need to recognize that content is power in regards to talent. For example, Jimmy Fallon has power from just his name. The fact that he is the host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, allows his star power to grow and spread across social media. The content that is established on his page and his show’s page, increases the presence of the social media platform that is being constantly used for promoting his name. Social media platforms are always looking for talent to help promote their well-being, and return is allowing itself to help promote and create a brand for the talent.



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