The benefits of Social Media on the Traveling Industry


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By: Janay Williams

Traveling can be tedious and many times a lot of work. From finding hotels, to planning transportation options and searching incredible destinations that will make your friends wish they had your life, it can nearly feel like a second job. Many people would love to save a couple bucks, most would agree. The more savings the better and the easier it is to plan a trip the likely people may want to do it more. In today’s world, social media has embedded its way into nearly every aspect of our lives and many industries are realizing the crucial importance of these outlets.

Tourist aspirations and dream places many people can only wish to go. Social media is one of the traveling markets biggest assets in this case. It has allowed places and companies to advertise and promote at a competitive rate. With these social media advantages also comes discount advantages making those dream places become a reality. Since social media is playing a huge role in the industry it has driven more traffic from many areas of the world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can play fair a contribution to company success. These outlets have taken the traveling industry to a new level. As Global Traveler mentioned these opportunities for social media has benefited travel companies and is helping industries gain “instant company recognition”.

These opportunities have even allowed traveling sites to provide a vast amount of other convenient traveling options. Car services and hotel availability can now be booked along with flights to the given destination. Many of these places even have automated responses to help further traveling needs. It is as if the world is constantly fast forwarding and people can now save ten times more time with these outlets.


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