The Election and Social Media

By Tyler Plato

At one point, people got their news from newspapers. Then radios and television came along and people got their news even faster. Now there’s social media. A study was done back in July by the Pew Research Center that said almost 1/4 of American adults went to social media to get news and the latest info on the election. I am honestly surprised that number isn’t higher.

Todays society is based around social media. 15 years ago people didn’t have to worry about social media or what they posted because it didn’t exist. Now if you want to get a good job or if you want to build a company, you make sure that you have a strong social media presence. With the election going on, you can practically know what each candidate is doing 24 hours a day. This is a good and bad thing. Its good because you know when and where the person your voting for will be and if they have something important to say, you will be the first to know. It’s bad because if they make one mistake it will come back to bite them in the ass.

Social media is forever. People sometimes forget that when they post something on Facebook or Twitter. With the election going on, everything is fair game. No matter what you did or how long ago it was, if you posted something or there is a recording of you doing/saying something stupid, it will come up. A perfect example is the recording of Donald Trump saying lewd things about women and bragging or taking advantage of women is extremely bad. Now with Hillary Clinton, she has been in the American and

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political eye for a multitude of years. Everything she has said that might conflict with what she is saying now is coming to light and this whole email scandal is not helping her either. You can find all of the information about this on social media or on the internet somewhere. Every time she made a comment about this, everybody knew, every time the F.B.I made a comment on it or when she was at a hearing, everybody knew. For her to get past all of this and still be in contention to be the president is commendable.

Now this election is going to be over in a couple of days but it will take weeks, maybe months, before it ends on social media. No matter who wins, the people that supported the loser will go on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else they can find and say that the system is “rigged” and that their candidate should have one and will protest the new president. I have done my very best to keep my political stance off of social media because I have friends that support both candidates and I know if I say something that supports one side more than the other, I will get a bashing. I also know that if I can stay somewhat neutral and not say anything that will make me look bad, it will help down the road when I am applying to get a job.


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