The Essential 8 For Social Media Marketing!

By, Collin Freeman


Everybody wants their business to be thrive especially if you are just getting started. What is one thing a successful business needs?  Customers!!! And in this age of the internet we have these things called social media platforms that is great for informing the world about your business.

What’s the best way to go about this?

Well I’m glad you asked, with eight essential elements your business can have the potential to grow bigger, better, badder than what you ever envisioned.

First STEP Identify business goals!

Develop a vision for your company, What do you see your company doing?

Take a look at the company’s needs, and how you want to use social media to meet those needs.

Second Step! Set Marketing Objectives!

Now that you have your goals, How are you going to go about reaching those goals?

Marketing objectives is the approach on how you will get from an unfulfilled goal to a successful fulfilled goal!

The S.M.A.R.T approach can help you out tremendously in this particular step!





Time bound

You have spent all of this time perfecting your goals to revolve around the business’s needs, so why not take the time and put in the same level of heart with your objectives?

Step 3! Identify THE IDEAL customers!

If your business is suffering with low engagement on the specific plat form, or platforms you are using. It is probably because you dont have an accurate ideal customer profile.

What you NEED, is a Buyer’s persona, it helps Identify and target the right consumer, in the right place, at the right time!

Know your target audience age, occupation, income, interests, habits, likes, dislike.

What motivates them?

What disgusts them?

What color of underwear are they wearing? 😉 (Not really but, it might help?)

Be as specific as possible, the more specific the more engaged future consumers will become!

STEP 4! Know your competitors 

When you involve your marketing efforts into social media,it is AlWAYS a GREAT idea to look over your competitors shoulder. Who knows? It might spark some tasteful ideas that you can tweak and implement into your marketing mix!

Pick out maybe 3-5 successful competitors, find out what platforms they are using and try to envision their content strategy.

Ask yourself these questions

  1. How much are they posting?
  2. What time are they posting?
  3. In what context are the posting their content in?
  4.  How well is the public engaging with the content?(Most important)

When calculating the engagement levels use this formula!

Total number of engagement activities / The number of fans the page has

This equation only gives you a general idea of how the competition is doing so you can see how your company measures up!

Step 5! Choosing Channels and Tactics!

A lot of business tend to waste so much time by putting content on every social network available. The bad thing about that is when your target market spends 80% of their time on Twitter, and only 20% on Facebook a week. One can obviously see that Twitter would be the primary social network work, where as Facebook comes in at a hard second.

Dont waste your time, time is always valuable!

Know your best platform to work with!

Your tactics can be rendered from your goals and objectives.

For example if your best platform is Twitter, then you could develop a specific and special hashtag that grabs attention.


The relationship amongst social media and content is correlates in the fact that with out social media no body would see your content, with out content then why have social media?


  1. Content that you are posting
    1. What type of form is your content taking?
    2. Is the voice of your company
  2. The time of day you are posting
    1. Your audience is unique, experiment on what times work best for you!
  3. How frequently you are posting
    1. Dont want to be annoying
    2. Dont want to be too quiet
    3. Find a happy medium


When finding you budget look at the tactics you developed in order to reach your goals and objectives.

Make a list of tools you will need!

  1. Social media monitoring, email, CRM
  2. Graphic design, video production
  3. Advertising

Next include the total annual cost. Is it good for your marketing budget?

Determine your strategy fist, then determine the budget that can best uphold the strategy.


Develop a team and set aside specific daily job checklists so efforts do not become overlapping, decreases confusion, and increases productivity! 

Once everyone has been given a job, it is tie to execute the plan!

For best results try for a daily or weekly plan, monthly plans tend to waste time adapting to certain situations that may arise.



8 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy


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