The Incomplete Guide to Choosing your Favorite Social Media Site

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Juan P. Munoz


Why is this guide incomplete? Well in this day of age, there are multiple social media sites, too many to keep track of, but I’ve listed the more important and popular sites, which are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube. If you’re like me,  you started social media late. I didn’t have a Facebook until I enter college. I actually had a Snapchat account before a decided to sign up for a Facebook account. If you’re new to the game of social media, but want to take baby steps on what sites fit you, then this is the right guide.


Facebook was never on my radar of interest. Facebook was always that place to witness the lives of “friends” you barely know and unknowingly competing with them on who has the most “friends.” My observations of Facebook for the last 3 years have been full of mixed feelings over the site. Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social networking site among the major ones listed and probably the most common among groups of people.

Facebook isn’t immune to negativity. Facebook can be very annoying when it comes to the public aspect of the site. Make sure you’re “friends” with the right people to avoid being annoyed by constant updates by the wrong people, or you can dig in deeper into Facebooks features and learn about blocking certain people.


Instagram is an app I honestly rarely use, but I do know enough about it to give a good review. Instagram, in my opinion, is more tolerable than Facebook. Mostly, because Instagram contains mainly pictures. Instagram is also a lot simpler than Facebook given that Instagram is mainly about posting pictures, but it’s also basically Facebook because you can do the exact same thing only with more notifications and ads.


Twitter is also one of my favorite social media platforms. Twitter also is the hardest to get used to figuring out how everything works. An example would be knowing how to use a hashtag. For me, Twitter is my primary location for information. Companies, news organizations, all use Twitter to spread information. Since information travels quickly on Twitter, the site is the best location to receive information first.


Snapchat is my favorite social media app, platform, whatever. I’d say I use Snapchat the most out of the other sites in terms of actual engagement. Out of the five social media sites, Snapchat is the youngest, the app launched in 2011. This section might be a little bias because of how much I enjoy the app. Snapchat has a different element when it comes to sharing pictures (which is what the app does). It’s somewhat private. After a photo is sent, once the receiving end has opened the photo that was sent. Snapchat also notifies you when someone is taking screenshots of a sent photo.


People don’t really think YouTube is a social media platform. YouTube is totally a social media platform. YouTube is easy to be engaging. It also invented a new profession in being a “YouTuber.” YouTube is a place to find anything, excluding highly explicit content, and could also make you a YouTube star rolling in ad revenue.


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