Trump Offends pro athlete with tweet

Chicago native and current Chicago Bulls player is upset with presidential candidate Donald Trump


Late in August, Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, made headlines with a tweet on a touchy subject. Hometown hero in Chicago native Dwayne Wade lost his cousin to gun violence late in the month in Chicago. This is, and always has been, a big issue in politics regarding to gun violence. So, Trump took matters into his own hands and sent out a combination of tweets to shed light on the issue. Trump didn’t look to comfort the star but more so use this to get his political agenda out. This didn’t sit well with Wade. This may have left Wade conflicted not only because Trump isn’t worried about the lost of a loved one, also because he also brings up that of the problem in his hometown of Chicago082916-centric-news-donald-trump-Nykea-Aldridge-Dwyane-Wade.jpg.

This just one of many times that Trump as sent out tweets that have been contreversial . For the first time in a presidential race we have seen the emergence and the beast known as social media. Both candidates have had a strong social media presence in trying to keep the attention of their voters. Many have already announced this as one of the elections that will go down in history for it’s unorthodox campaign. Social Media may be one of the reasons why that statement is true. With the race coming into the final stretch it will be interesting to see how not only Donald Trump uses social media but also his counterparts.


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