YouTube Vloggers and the Power of Suggestion

By: Jessica Donaldson

superfruit pic.pngOkay so YouTube vlogging has become a pretty popular form of media over the last few years. You can find vlogs about just about anything. Some of the most popular vlogs are those that showcase a person or two that are just relatable and show off their personalities. YouTube stars like Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Superfruit, or Casey Neistat just get in front of a camera and talk. They seem genuine and fun and like they’re just being themselves and that’s why fans love them so much.

I watch Superfruit vlogs regularly and one thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes they’ll mention random products or artists in their videos. Then I realized that a lot of YouTubers do this. Are they paid for it? Probably, but I can’t verify that. On Superfruit they have a segment towards the end of each episode called weekly obsessions. They literally just take a second and tell us about something they are currently obsessed with. Sometimes it’s something generic like “coffee” or “this jacket I’m wearing” but then sometimes they talk about specific brands or products and you must wonder if this is something they have been enjoying lately, or are they being paid to endorse it?

Regardless whether its of their own accord or they were asked to do it, you can’t help but realize the power of suggestion is very strong. There are so many times that they’ll just casually mention a product or a brand or an app and I get curious so I look it up. Recently they said their weekly obsession was an app called Best Fiends. I was curious about it so I downloaded it and I have been playing it nonstop for the past two weeks. I don’t consider myself a person who is overly prone to impulse decisions, but when my favorite vloggers mention something they’re into I just feel the need to see what it’s about.

I think getting YouTube vloggers to endorse products is a very smart marketing strategy because viewers trust their favorite vloggers almost as much as they trust their own friends and family There’s a different kind of relationship between fans and vloggers than there is between fans and typical celebrities. Vloggers are “real people” to their viewers. They interact with their fans and make them feel like friends, because of this when we hear about something from a vlogger it makes it seem like something worth checking out.

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