Anheuser- Busch Self Driving Beer Run

You probably thought that that a self driving car would have ever happened but it did. Or even a self-driving commercial truck but it did this past October. Anheuser-Busch broke history when they sent 2,000 beer cans from Fort Collins, CO to Colorado Springs, CO.  This 120 mile trip had been tested before with different commercial trucks but never the real thing with actual product inside.


Partnering with the Uber owned truck and Otto, Anheuser- Busch made history for both them and Otto. Otto being only a young start up of a year, put in a lot of money and time into many test drives of the self-driving car, before sending off the first self-driving commercial trip.The trip consisted of driving on dense highways through Fort Collins, Denver and the final destination Colorado Springs. Going through different cities and taking different highways, Uber programmed the route and had a professional driver paying attention ready to grab the wheel at any time on the trip to Colorado Springs.

The Department of Transportation in Colorado also partnered with these companies to make sure that it was not going to harm the road or the drivers in anyway of the trip. All three of these partnerships with Anheuser-Busch gained them a revenue of $213 billion in just one trip. The Vice President of Logistics of Anheuser- Busch predicts that they will continue to use this method of transportation in local locations for right now, but with more than 450 million miles a year of distribution; Anheuser-Busch wants to spread it nationwide to lower the cost and continue follow the technology that is evolving today. By following the technology within the distribution industry, Anheuser-Busch already has a leg up by involving this technology.

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