The Presidential Campaign via Social Media

“We live in the age of social media. Indeed, many of us likely saw something about the Republican and Democratic conventions on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram over the last few weeks.”

This current presidential campaign has been bombarded by social media storms. Comments were made by reporters, comedians bystanders, and even the candidates themselves. This election has been heavily influenced by social media. The actual issues in this election seem to have tainted and heavily affected by social media “wars”. Social media is once of the  biggest factors in the elections of today. It can sway opinions and heavily impact the outcome of elections.

“Candidates have discovered the quickest way to make news is to put out a statement or comment in a social media post and avoid paying for ad space”

This quote explains one way in which social media has impacted this election. Candidates can constantly have a voice and reach millions with a simple click of a button. They can comment or reply to people in an instant. This has the power to distract people from the serious issues. Candidates can defect or shadow issues based on how they strategize their social media presence. Candidates can manipulate voter opinions easily because of social media.

The importance of social media in elections has been studied extensively. One study published in 2012 found that Facebook feeds have a significant impact on voting patterns.

Many voters are uneducated about the real issues in a election and get their information from social media. This creates many uneducated and ill-informed voters; who are unprepared to make a decision on election day.

Social media can greatly impact voter’s decisions and ideas about candidates. Social media has become one of the most important factors in predicting and testing the voter’s opinions. It is such an interesting modern twist on today’s election.

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