Being Portrayed in the Media

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The media has a funny way of taking a picture and making it literally a thousand words. Have you ever heard the phrase ” its two sides to every story”? Forget that it’s more like 123,3456 stories. The media will take a picture or cover a story and embedded it into our heads to make us think one thing until we get information from somewhere else and think another. If you are no simple minded or easily influenced then you will form your own opinion. If not the media will sure enough do a good job doing it for you.

Picture from Pinterest @ ShirleyRuth

These two pictures show people in the same situation but as you can see there are two different stories to think about. The one on the left would make you think that he is a bad kid and steals by any mean to feed himself in a  Natural Disaster . The media has painted a great picture of the couple letting us know that sometimes it’s ok to “do what you have to do”. When I look at these pics I see both parties trying to do what they have to do to survive!

Now that we understand and have seen examples of how the media portrays this for what they are not, let’s talk about last night election! If you have been paying attention it is no secret to who majority of Trump voters look like or what Clinton voters look like. Last night I personally got a good look of what the voters look, thanks to the media. When I saw Clintons headquarters I saw a very mixed crowd, people from all races and genders. Majority of the people I saw at Trump Headquarters  where white male or older people. When they did show woman at the Trump headquarters, they made sure to get their signs stating, “women for Trump”.

By  Chip Somodvilla

The media showed us who they wanted us to see. I know for a fact there was African Americans at the Trump headquarters, I just had to search for them. We have an  Image of what Trump supporters look like so the media chooses to maintain it.

While watching the news or looking at pictures that the news provides, remember to always maintain your own opinion.

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