Finding Balance Pt. 1


Got it here.

I think we can all admit being an adult is tough, we start to realize it in college. Now in my fourth year as an undergrad it is really starting to it me. How do people do this? Balance school, work, internships, and still managing to have a social life and not get caught up in it. People do it all the time, and I convinced myself, I too can be an adult. Over the last few months I have started to find a method to the madness.


First is setting goals, they can be the smallest things– as long as you are checking them off your list. It helps if you set realistic goals as well, otherwise you’ll just beat yourself up about not achieving them. For example, I plan out my weeks and write it out in my planner. I set three goals I would like to achieve by the en of the week then reflect on the next Sunday. It really helps and boosts my mood giving me the sense of accomplishment, (and hey I’ll take all I can get)!

Second is learning to study effectively. We can all relate to the countless amount of studying we do, and times where we look back and ask “what the hell did I just read” because we retained absolutely nothing. This could be that the method that you are using is not beneficial to your style of learning. It is not good to wear yourself out studying either, it has been proven to be quite unhealthy, and have more of a negative impact. Also, studying too little or having cram sessions almost always are a disaster. Try to develop a study method that works for you.

There is so many more things that are apart of our lives that we have to learn to juggle, but I’ll keep this going on the next blog.

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