The Mannequin Challenge

By: Kathryn Washington

The Mannequin Challenge is the new social trend that everyone is taking about. This fun social trend will challenge your ability to stay still. Many have attempted this challenge and did an amazing job. Although most people aced this challenge, some didn’t pass with an A, but it still made people laugh. High school students, teachers, the First Lady, sports teams, cheerleaders, animals, and more have done the Mannequin Challenge.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Dallas Cowboys

The Mannequin Challenge started with a group of teenagers in Jacksonville, Florida. The teenagers attend Ed White High School. One of the students released their Mannequin Challenge on Twitter on October 26, 2016 and it quickly went viral. The original video and other videos include the new song ‘Black Beatles’ by Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane.

The rate at which this challenge has went viral is amazing and I can’t wait to see more videos from thousands of people. The challenge was meant to include dramatic and challenging poses and it is interesting to see the complex poses people have chosen. Now some people have made the challenges funnier to watch by telling a story with different scenes. For example, one family did the Mannequin Challenge by switching between two rooms during the video. Each type the camera went to the other room, the scene would change. The funny challenge was composed of different scenes to show the kids getting in trouble by their dad. Another funny Mannequin Challenge video was of a girlfriend cheating on her boyfriend. The boyfriend came home unexpectedly and the other guy had to find a place to hide.

Black Lives Matter

The great thing about social media today is that people are so creative in the way they present different things. Also, it is amazing how one video from high school students can lead to a national challenge attempted by thousands, maybe even millions of people.


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