Obama hands over the keys and the Twitter handle

Janelle Hora

Unlike any other president before him, President Obama will have to hand over the official @POTUS twitter account come January, but what happens to all of that data? Last May, Obama sent his first tweet from the official twitter handle and has since used the account to reach millions of followers (11.2 million to be exact) in a way that is unprecedented.

Since all of the information tweeted, shared, and the images are personal to the Obama administration, they technically will need to be removed before the new president takes office in January. However, the data is also deemed as public record and will need to remain accessible to the people after he has left office. In this case, they will be stored in the National Archives and Records Administration. The National Archive will maintain the online records as well under a different twitter handle found at @POTUS44.

President Obama has made the comment that he wants to have a smooth transition of power, and in a day where we are immersed in technology, it is equally important for the transition online.

One of the most iconic tweets from the account is actually the first and is just some silly banter between Obama and Bill Clinton:



I started to write this post a couple of days before the Election. It’s now November 9th and we all know Trump will be taking over the @POTUS accounts.

Trump, please for the sake of the Nation, remember that what you post will live on in the National Archive long after you leave office.

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