10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Won The Election

by: Mike Watson


1. WikiLeaks

The Democrats got hacked before the DNC convention, and many of their emails were brought into public view. Instead of apologizing for the content of the emails, or acknowledging that the emails contained extremely disturbing evidence that the nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders, the Democrats took a page out of the Cold War and blamed the Russians. The scandal was so bad, it forced Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step down as chair of the DNC. Some of the emails even contained offensive, racist language, with one DNC staffer referring to Hispanic vote efforts as “taco bowl outreach.” The DNC made such a big deal about Trump’s rhetoric, criticizing every little word he said while at the same time using offensive language in private.

The emails also showed the systematic collusion between the Democrats and the mainstream media. The email correspondences detailed how the Clinton campaign was able to get favorable coverage, and have stories that were critical of her to get pulled from the airwaves. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and other mainstream journalism outlets were implicated in this hack.

2. The Democrats installed a fatally flawed establishment candidate instead of the one that had populist appeal


One of the worst revelations from WikiLeaks showed that Hillary gave a speech to Goldman Sachs, and told the audience she was “far removed” from the middle class and has “both a public and a private position” on policy. This proves conclusively that she is a liar and says what she needs to say to get people to vote for her.


The Clintons have long been associated with scandals; this is indisputable. Having grown up during a Bill Clinton presidency, I witnessed firsthand the scandals that seemed to never disappear. The Whitewater scandal, the Chinese missile technology deal with Loral-Hughes (a company my dad worked for), Monica Lewinsky scandal, Paula Jones, etc. Bill Clinton was also impeached in the House of Representatives in December 1998. The Clinton brand has been forever tarnished by scandals ever since Bill was the governor of Arkansas.

3. Trump represented a change, Hillary represented more of the same

Who really is surprised Trump won? I’m not. While many will disagree (because of the tendency of the left to automatically discredit anything Trump says without fact-checking), it’s true that Hillary would have continued many of the policies of the Obama administration, including the dismal failure known as Obamacare, and especially the failed military interventionism that underscored Obama’s foreign policy failures. Bringing troops out of Iraq created a power vacuum and created the conditions for the rise of ISIS. Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Department when the Benghazi attacks happened, which made people really skeptical of her foreign policy.

4. Trump is pro-2nd amendment

Hillary has been criticized over the years for having a draconian gun control stance. She believes that certain types of firearms should be banned, which many voters think is unconstitutional and un-American. Freedom to own firearms is associated with the very beginnings of our great nation. Democrats, just like Republicans, have families, and live in areas with crime. The 2nd amendment helps many families sleep better at night, knowing that if their home is burglarized, they have a means to defend themselves. No gun owner wants to think of a situation where they have to wait 20 minutes for the police to arrive and no gun to defend themselves.

It’s estimated that 31% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans own firearms. The Democrats that value gun ownership to protect their families were skeptical of Hillary’s intent to stack the Supreme Court with activist judges who wanted to either abolish or severely restrict the 2nd amendment. Many Democrats broke with their party and voted for Donald Trump or Gary Johnson because they knew that voting for Hillary Clinton would be voting against their right to bear arms. Despite Hillary’s insistence that she “wasn’t going to take away people’s guns,” her statements elsewhere say otherwise.

5. The debates

It’s been conclusively proven that Hillary Clinton received the questions in advance for the debates, giving her time to prepare carefully worded answers. This strategy failed, because it allowed her less opportunity to appear genuine, to speak to people without a script and really connect and resonate with voters. Trump’s one-liners and off-the-cuff remarks (“Because you’d be in jail.”) were infinitely more memorable in the minds of voters than a dry, rehearsed script that she had practiced. It was obvious to just about everyone that she had spent a lot of time preparing for the debate, and that made her appear a lot less spontaneous.

6. Supporter enthusiasm

If you compare the size of the candidates’ campaign rallies, there is no question that Donald Trump had the clear advantage.

7. Trump’s support from women, minorities, and millennials

If you examine the numbers, Trump received a huge amount of votes from women, minorities, and millennials.

8. Hillary’s health problems

On September 11th, Hillary passed out and had to be taken away from the 9/11 memorial. Her poll numbers TANKED after that. She allegedly was diagnosed with pneumonia, but people were pointing out long before that incident that it’s likely she might have had some other health issues.

9. The media lied about him, making him stronger

The media constantly repeated the same lies over and over, hoping that the lies would gain traction. In many cases, it worked, but overall the American people got tired of being talked down to. Instead of examining both candidates through an unbiased perspective, the media shilled for Hillary, using the tactics of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist, who said “a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.” They tried to convince people Trump was a racist, sexist, and a homophobe, even though he picked a woman, a gay man, and an African-American for his cabinet (Kellyanne Conway, Peter Thiel, Ben Carson).

10. The FBI investigation

I knew Hillary’s goose was cooked when the FBI announced they had located 650,000 emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the disgusting pedophile politician and husband of Hillary’s aide, Huma Abedin. It remains to be seen if she will be prosecuted for this, but the chances are really good that she will, given that Trump will probably appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the private server email situation.


poll: LA Times/Dornsife


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