7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017 by Heather Wicker




Companies and businesses are smart to utilize social media to get their brand and message to consumers. In 2017, there are certain trends that specialists are predicting will dominate the way they use it.

  1. Snapchat will be used more. People love the app that allows them to see stories and updates on people’s lives. Tapping into this potential will be huge.
  2. Twitter will be less of a source for rapid paced news. People are interested in Instagram like posts that happen roughly once a day, rather than information overload of Twitter.
  3. People will start demanding more real life experiences from social media. There are 360 degree capabilities and video options that allow users to really feel like they are there. Brands need to connect with people on this level.
  4. Social media will be a much bigger conduit for communication with brands and customers. It will also allow for improved customer service and new opportunities to reach people.
  5. Social media advertising will reemerge even stronger than ever before. There is increased competition for consumer attention and social media is a good way to put the brand out there.
  6. Inspiration and imagination will become topics that people are interested in. A lot of social media right now is very pragmatic and informational posts that people can read and ponder. They predict that this will shift to a revival of the imagination and ‘pretty’ things in life.
  7. Brands will refine their social media presence as more and more platforms come into existence. The need to have an account on every single outlet will decrease and brands will hone in on the ones that their consumer is interested in and whichever one offers the best return for them.

These marketing trends that are being predicted are all logical and make sense as brands are evolving to meet the need of the connected consumer. It will be interesting to see if they play out like the article suggests.



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