Facebook, Or The Memorial Book?

Facebook ‘Memorial’ Glitch Falsely Presented Many Users As Dead

By: Halla Congress

As if us Americans haven’t already had a crazy past 7 days, things got weirder. Yes, it was in fact possible. Last week, a large portion of Facebook users were in for a deadly surprise – no pun intended. The users were wrongly labeled as deceased on the application because of a malfunction that added a “Memorial” banner on top of thousands of users accounts, thus asking family and friends to “share to remember and celebrate” the user’s life. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zukerberg was also stricken by the banner as well. How many accounts were affected? We’re not sure, nor what was the reason behind the bug.


Many users that say they experienced this malfunction say it appeared automatically on their profile, with no notification, then went away minutes later. I’m sure many users were questioning their sanity after the banner instantaneously disappearing.

Facebook released a statement saying, “For a brief period today, a message meant for memorialized profiles was mistakenly posted to other accounts, this was a terrible error that we have now fixed. We are very sorry that this happened, and we worked as quickly as possible to fix it.”

As if this were enough of a catastrophe, Facebook was recently bashed for allowing news stories that weren’t fact-checked to go viral in their “trending” section. People demanded change after Republican Donald Trump won the presidential election. The young CEO says Facebook is working on changing their advertising policies to make sure the channeling of false article comes to a halt.

“Presenting people with diverse information is important, and I hope we can make progress,” Zuckerberg said. “We haven’t gotten people to engage with it in higher proportions.”


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