Instagram Stories’ New Update- A great tool for marketing?

By Jomaris Santana

As everyone knows Instagram introduced a few months ago their feature Instagram Stories. Since that day, people have preferred using this feature more than actually posting pictures on their feeds. This feature doesn’t have fun filters as Snapchat, but actually allows you to upload your Snapchat’s pictures and videos into Insta stories. So, I think this new feature has been fun for the audience, specially for public figures.

A couple days ago Instagram introduced great tools for their stories, and those are boomerang, mentions and see more links. I believe those are great tools for marketing, because allows you to have fun engagement with your audience. At the same time, allows to have interaction with other people and have access to other sources. You could easily found these tools when you access your stories. The new tool called boomerang allows you to record back and forward mini fun videos. This is fun way to record your videos more than those traditional clips.

Mentions allows you to mention your friends during your story. It’s like tagging a person in your story. Basically, you can tag anyone in your story, even that person is not follow you. The person that you tagged would receive a message let him/her know that was mentioned in your story. If you are not following the person that you tagged, the person would be receiving this message either way. This is great way to let your audience know about who is in your story. Also, this tool could be great for business because allows you to promote a business or person in an easily way.

“See more links” allows you to attach your stories to a link or account. I believe this is great tools for artists, bloggers, and business, because you can attach any of your work, websites on that story. So, you could have access to any content that is attached on the link inside the Instagram app.

These three tools would make a great impact in marketing. In my opinion, Instagram is one of the best social media platform when we’re talking about digital marketing; and through these new tools on Insta stories would make a fun and unique way to do marketing.



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