Peaceful World Please

By: Sierra Ramos
A topic that has particularly interested me lately, because of all the politics and presidential election news, is stereotyping. Racism and sexism have been brought up a lot in the media lately and it upsets me to know that people still think in this negative way about others. It must be hard for people in the public eye who are of ethnic races because of stereotyping and racism.
Personally, I get stereotyped all of the time and I hate it because it is not fair to judge someone on how they look. I remember that someone in one of my classes said that they get judged as someone who is not smart, probably poor and rides the bus because this person was a big African American male. He said that other students think he plays basketball and listens to only rap music, when that is not always the case.
As for me, I am Hispanic and people automatically think I speak Spanish, when I don’t. Other than being Hispanic, I am very girly and I would say that I come across as a fairly pretty girl with my hair and makeup always done because it makes me feel good about myself. With that being said, people always ask me who I pledge for and I have to tell them that I am not in a sorority and they say something like, “Oh sorry, you just look like you are.” I don’t get mad, but it is sometimes awkward. However, something that I absolutely hate is when other girls think I am stuck-up and “all that” because I am shy. I have a hard time making friends this way because girls judge me before they even get to know me, so I have to introduce myself in a super friendly way.
Overall, I hope everyone starts to try and be more accepting of others and less judgmental to make this world a better and peaceful place to live in.

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