Snapchat Just Raised the Bar for Innovative Marketing

By: Quinn Bowen

Snap Inc. – the new corporate name for Snapchat – recently introduced their first hardware product, and they’re taking advantage of their demanding market.

They call the product Spectacles, and they aren’t available just anywhere. The Spectacles are only sold from a single vending machine they call a Snapbot. The Snapbot appears in a random location for one day only before the company picks it up, and hauls it off to the next mystery location.

The Snapbot began in Venice Beach on Thursday morning (11/10/2016), then moved to its next location in Loma Vista. Snapchat shows the location of the vending machine on a map on the Spectacles website.

When the Snapbot first appeared it only took hours before it had sold out of Spectacles. And it’s one-time, random location makes the Spectacles all the more valuable.

The machine sells the Spectacles for $129, but you wont find them so cheap online. One seller on Ebay had them listed for $900, which isn’t insane considering their exclusivity.

So what are these Spectacles and what makes them so great?spectacles

The Spectacles are sunglasses with a build-in camera on the side of the lens. Activated by a tap of the frame’s side, they record ten seconds of circular video at a time. A light on the camera illuminates, showing when recording is in process. Videos recorded are automatically saved to the “memories” feature on Snapchat.

The pop-up vending machines have screens that activate when you approach them. They allow you to virtually try on each of the three colors Spectacles are sold in.

The functionality of the Spectacles is a smart move for Snap Inc. – but it’s the context of the sales program that makes them so valuable. Whoever came up with this idea at Snap Inc. deserves a huge raise, because the idea is unlike anything ever done before, and is a genius way to market themselves to their millennial users.




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