Spectacles by Snap Inc

Written by: Hailey Turner

Snap Inc has officially started selling Spectacles they had announced earlier this year. Spectacles are sunglasses with a camera attached to the corner allowing for filming hands free. The glasses are being sold for $130 from vending machines being placed in select/unknown locations. With the purchase you also receive a yellow case/charger for these.


Photo Credit: The Verge 

A few specs about Spectacles

  • Battery lasts about one day
  • Can charge in the case throughout the day
  • Colors: Black, Teal or Coral
  • Plastic material
  • Work with both Apple and Android

To start filming a video the user must double tap the side of the glasses which will film a 10 second clip, this can be extended by tapping on more time filming a total of 30 consecutive seconds. One of the key features is the circle led light on the outer corner. This led light, can show how much battery the glasses have and lights up when filming is happening. Spectacles then can send the video to Snapchat on your phone in the ‘Memories’ section where you can then add filters or text and send to friends your your story.

This kind of technology is intriguing. It will be interesting to see how Spectacles with be revived into the world. I believe these being used in to creative interesting/exciting content but by a very small and select group. Personally, I do not like someone to have the ability to film in a discreet way in day to day life, I think this could cause confusion and lead to some being uncomfortable. Although the led light is there, I wonder how visible it is in direct sunlight or how noticeable it actually is. I will be very interested to follow this further and see how and if Spectacles does catch on.

These glasses are innovative, creative and unique and I believe these kind of innovations will be necessary to stay relevant in the social media driven world.


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