Twitter Beef

competitors. In one way, it has made matchmakers jobs much easier than before as fighters are now speaking directly to each other for all to see and repost. There have been numerous fights that have been set up through social media and thanks to fan approval, have come to fruition. In other sports, such as basketball and football, NBA and NFL players respectively have mentioned each other on Twitter to send trash talk back and forth. This turns team rivalries into personal rivalries that the fans enjoy. Twitter has added an extra element to sports. It allows these sports stars to show their personality and I believe it adds an extra element to the events. That extra element increases the ratings also. When Kevin Durant left for Golden state everyone had their eyes on Russell Westbrook’s Twitter account to see what he would say about it. We are all looking for responses from these athletes because we all loves a good soap opera.



Bleacher Report

In the world of MMA fighters get to show that they are not barbarians or savages with their posts on social media. The fighters are tough but a lot of them are funny and have great personalities. I have become a fan of fighters solely from their social media posts without even seeing a fight. Now when these fighters are in the cage, I feel as though I am in the fight with them. Social media has always been a force when it comes to allowing connection between celebrities and fans but when it adds depth to a person that you have only known for fighting, you see how special it is.  I’m thankful that social media has given these fighters and other athletes the platform to highlight who they are behind the gloves.

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