Twitter is pulling the plug on Vine

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Today is November 8th, election day. I’m pretty sure someone has already written about them, two jokesters. So instead of talking about a political topic, I will write about something sort of somewhat similar (in my point of view). America isn’t the only thing that’s dying. Vine will be gone as well.

Vine was created all the way back in 2012. Twitter quickly acquired it because it would allow their users to “easily capture motion and sound”. The app also allowed anyone the ability to edit video simply by starting and stopping the recording with a tap of the screen, like going back to the camcorder technology in camera editing. This aligned pretty well with twitter at the time. Not only because short form video fit well with their short form messaging content but also because it filled a gap for video sharing at a time where not every phone had the technical capacity to shoot and edit a quality video nor the mobile bandwidth necessary to upload or watch long-form content longer than six seconds.

But we’re living in the future and all those workarounds are completely unnecessary now and Vine became and has become a pretty neat product especially considering the rise of Twitter video. In a press release posted on the morning of Oct 27th, 2016, the Vine team broke the news by saying, “Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll discontinuing the mobile app.” And then they thanked all of their creators.

They didn’t explain why they decided to close down the app, but the answer should be pretty obvious. Money. But Vine is also dead because it became pointless and they couldn’t possibly bring in enough money to keep it running. But what will happen to all those poor little Vine stars do. Boo hoo! They can find another job. Vine will be shutting down in a couple of months. What else will be shutting soon? The Apple Company? Fingers crossed!


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