Using Social Media To Benefit Your Personal Brand

By: Nicolas Austin


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Think of yourself as a farmer. Now think about how many cattle you have to brand. You want your cattle to be branded and recognizable by others because it’s your brand that shows others who and what kind of cattle you own. Now let us put this into PR terms. The farmer is still you within the next scenario. But instead of using cattle, you will use social media to market your brand.

You want to build your personal brand on social media in order to show what you are trying to promote. There is a difference when you are promoting yourself instead of a company. In regards to a company, you have to follow the guidelines the company is telling you to abide by. In terms of yourself, you have all the free capacity to promote your business on social media in any way or form you please. The only thing that you should consider is the notion that you want to promote the brand online in a smart and fashionable way.

Locate groups who will share the same interest as you, and will support your ideas. You want people who will value your area of expertise. Finding a group with the same interest can help bring an audience towards your brand. For example on LinkedIn, you can create a group that allows you to find other people who can understand the ideas that you’re trying to promote through your brand. On LinkedIn, you can also create a page that allows you to promote your product, in which you can link it back to your actual page of your brand.

A brand needs to have content that not only grabs the attention of the audience but also be consider shareable. Visual images is a great way to promote your brand. It shows what you are trying to sell. Imagine just putting your brand name on a social media page without any visual aid. It might not do so well in regards to pulling in a big audience towards your brand. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are great sites to promote your brand. Now imagine placing your brand’s name along a picture with people who are showing the full capacity of what your brand is about, and what it can do for customers. Do you get the picture now?

Social Media Today

Social media allows you to be yourself. What that means is that you can provide personality within your brand. Let loose a bit, and show off your personality. Show off your creative and intellectual side when promoting your brand online. Use your personality to develop relationship with other users on social media. Personality goes a long way. Users will be influence by your personality and remember your brand, in which they will want to work beside you. One way to show off your personality to influencers is by engaging in the content you posted onto your page. Engaging allows you to get in touch with the audience. The audience will see your enthusiasm for your product, and will take a positive note in regards to the fact you had responded back to them.

Don’t forget your brand is your image. It is the thing that makes you who you are. Your brand is your superhero name, and social media is the skyscraper you stand on. When people look up, you want them to recognize who you are, and what you stand for.


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