Voting in 2016

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Allison Grimaldo // @AlmGrimaldo

Every 4 years our country comes together on November 8th to vote for the next President of the United States. This year has been no different, if anything we have seen a major push to get out and vote from social media, news outlets and even celebrities.

When the last day to register to vote came in each state, Facebook and Google became merely some online sites helping internet users find out if they were registered. Why? Because it was widely understood how historic this election would be for our country.

Photo Credit: Google Doodles; Sep. 26, 2016


Candidates can only do so much to push their supporters to vote. With more than half of the United States having access to the internet, and even more with a Facebook profile, it makes sense that we were seeing such a large push to vote online.

According to a post by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “…more than 2 million people have registered to vote by going through Facebook, some for the first time, according to estimates based on available data.” Not only was Facebook able to help many register to vote, the social media site also gave its users opportunities to find their polling place on Election Day. In addition to finding your polling place, Facebook even gave users a chance to see what would be on their ballot. All you had to do was input the correct county.

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On Instagram, I saw many companies encouraging their followers to go and vote as well. For example, S’well Bottle, a fairly new water bottle company known for their chic designs, commented on a photo they posted saying that voting was important to their CEO and that their headquarters were closed to let employees go vote.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in regards to how we vote, how important voting now is, and what encourages us to get out there and vote. It’s interesting to think that in the next 100 years, voting could be completely online and as easy as ordering take-out. I’m really proud of companies like Facebook and S’well, who put a lot of effort into encouraging young voters to find their polls and help make a difference in the country. It shows how important voting is to everyone on every level.

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