We Are All a Bunch of TWITS!


Photo Credit: The Legislative Gazette

By: Kidd Campbell


Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. He won an election that appeared to be the upset equivalent of the University of Alabama losing to a local middle school’s chess team at football.

The real estate mogul and television celebrity based his total campaign outreach on social media. Every news organization had to follow him through twitter just to keep up with his rhetoric. Donald Trump would use this to his advantage and obtain free advertising for all of the duration of his campaign. It is estimated the Trump received $5 billion in free advertising thanks to media outlets. All he had to do to keep in the spotlight was post something outrageous and he would be trending once again.

President Elect Trump currently has 15 million followers on twitter or about 3.41 million more people than the population of Ohio. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, has 11 million followers. That is a tremendous amount of people who are seeing your message every day. Many believe this is part of the reason why Donald Trump won so many of the votes he needed to take the electoral vote.


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We can no longer ignore that social media is a major influence in our lives. It allowed a man with no political experience to use his celebrity and deplorable behavior to gain power as President of the United States. A man who insulted a decorated military hero as well as a military family is now in charge of the most powerful arsenal in the world. A man who insulted everyone who was not a white male, and even insulted some of them too, is the mouth piece for a country once viewed as a melting pot where everyone is welcome. He achieved this 140 characters at a time. Donald Trump unfortunately proved all you need to make it to the highest office in the land is have two tiny thumbs and a phone.


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