Why Aren’t You Using LinkedIn?

By Alicia Crumpton:


LinkedIn is one networking app I can say that is going above and beyond to help people everywhere get not only jobs but a foot in a real career field! Have you seen all the new apps they have expanded to just to ensure job search is easy and accessible? This company has not only developed an app solely designed for job, internship and volunteer opportunities, but they have apps that provides learning practices and tools to further assist job readiness.There are 10 LinkedIn mobile apps now available for the public as to reach the professional world; LinkedIn, Job Search, Pulse, Learning, Sales Navigator, Groups, SlideShare, Recruiter and Elevate. I alone have found several interesting internship opportunities that I have been able to save to my LinkedIn job search profile. LinkedIn is not only helpful to aspiring job/career seekers, but businesses as well! The premium LinkedIn apps- Recruiter, Sales Navigator and Elevate are designed for companies to display interests, find prospective employees and collaborate with other business heads.

linkedin-appsWith graduation approaching and real life adulthood creeping- this app(s) should be most college students’ best friend! Say you don’t have a clear direction in career path or spend 4-5 years in school to learn that you still have no idea what you want to do with yourself- fear no more… I’m confident that LinkedIn will land you SOMETHING! After all, to date the company has 467 million members with 41% of those users making $75,000 annually. I mean honestly, the number of entry level opportunities for recent college grads is unbelievable! With all that being said and proven to be true, I beg the question of you- Why aren’t you using LinkedIn?



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