You should probably get LinkedIn

It sure is useful

By Lisa Jany-Escalera @lisaveronikaj
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At some point in your college career (and I guarantee you, this day WILL come) you will be advised or even assigned to create a LinkedIn profile. “To connect with professionals” or discover “job opportunities” they’ll say.. and while you may dread this tedious task, it is going to be one very crucial step towards your professional career.

A little about this California-based social media networking service:

LinkedIn was founded in late 2002 and launched early 2003. In the past 13 years, the site has accumulated over 450 million accounts, with at least one fourth of them still being active. Utilized as mainly a job searching and job recruiting tool, LinkedIn has become a more and more complex network, allowing users to personalize their profiles on many levels. Even if you are not actively seeking employment, it is still beneficial to keep and update a profile on LinkedIn.

You become searchable. Employers often search their candidate prior to the interview, and having an active and updated profile can work in your favor. Think of it as your online resume, including a professional photograph, your past experiences and a few other features.

In addition, you can personalize your ideal job search and activate alerts when openings are being posted in your area.  Use this tool! My personal favorite feature, so far, is being able to connect with professionals in my field. Having a large circle of professionals in your field, can open many opportunities. Companies, recruiters, hiring managers often reference this service to find potential new employees, interns or people to join them on their business venture.

The site can also aid in company research, being a great platform for recommendations and allowing companies to find you! Having that said, I am going to update my profile now. Cheers.




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