Media and the Outcome

The results of the New President- elect have basically shocked the world. Everyone was so sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win that win she lost to Donald Trump it really threw everyone off. So why was everyone so thrown off and so sure Clinton was going to win? Well the media had a huge part of how everyone thought the out come would come out.

The media had pretty much put Clinton as the winner way before the election on Nov. 8. They had already declared her the winner so when Trump took the lead in the beginning and stayed in the lead it was indescribable. So why did everyone count Trump out so fast?

I believe that the media had no idea or just didn’t take into account the silent voters that voted for Trump. I have heard of many many people who had planned on voting for him but didn’t voice that choice for fear of the backlash that would have definitely happened. The people who came out as trump supporters later on still do it hesitantly because they still get side eyed looks or just flat out get called racist or sexist because they voted for him. In reality a majority of people who were the quiet voters voted for him because they wanted a change with government and were mad about the rising prices of Obamacare. So how did the Media miss this and screw up so bad? Well lets be honest the Trump supporters the media showed were very outspoken and let you know exactly how they wanted and the media only focused on those people instead. So the media royal screwed up the coverage this year because they didn’t take into account the voters who weren’t as outspoken and weren’t such awful humans thinking that they can voice whatever came to their minds.

Hopefully next election the media won’t be so biased and actually listen to the people rather than show the clowns of the election.

By. Breanne Solon

Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

Class members of the social media class in the Mayborn School of Journalism