Social Media and the Election Results

How social media impacted the results of the presidential election. 


Social media clearly effected this entire election and the aftermath was no different. Social media impacted the way many people perceived the campaign results. The public was able to see just what their friends, favorite celebrities and the entire world thought about the results. This can be both good and bad, but regardless it changes the way a president-elect is received.

Many people took to social media to voice their concerns with the election results. This allowed a unique level of transparency to this election. People were able to really hear what their peers thought and believed. Additionally social media gave the public an outlet to voice their opinions.

Many people look up to celebrities and are interested in their opinion. Celebrities were more vocal than ever during this election. They were constantly updating their followers to their opinions during the election. Celebrities also endorsed certain candidates and portrayed that on social media. Many of them posted about voting. They took to social media immediately as the results came in.

Another element of social media is the ability to make the world feel smaller and bring the world together globally. Other countries expressed their concerns and opinions about this election through social media. Americans everywhere were exposed to the whole world’s opinions on the election results.

These elements of social media alter perceptions and change the way people handle election results. People can now know more about their peers political views which can change their relationships. People can also engage in”debates” via social media. Social media has become an outlet for politics. Social media has effected the way the world communicates, learns and understands politics. Social media has become a public forum for opinions, views, comments, satire and more outlets concerning politics.

-Lauren Abraham


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