Credit Cards, Sweatpants and Millions of Clothes by Brianna Lopez

The online world has so many things. Online shopping is a part of the internet as a whole. Fortune  wrote that a survey conducted by comScore and UPS had polled more than 5,000 costumers. Each costumers at least buy two items every three months. 51% of shoppers purchase items online.

Sweatpants on, oversized t-shirt (may have a coffee stain from the morning). Even better, the pair of slippers your grandmother bought you are resting comfortably on your feet. The best part is, yo5.pngu open your laptop and have so many options of clothes in front of you. And you didn’t have to leave your apartment.
The down side of online shopping is FDQ. Fitting, Delivery and Quality. Now we all know the struggle of having to wait for the person at the dressing rooms, to give us a number for our clothes. When you have to constantly change your options because “it just didn’t fit right.” Many simple purchases such as casual shirts, one can’t go wrong. But when it comes to a special item of clothing, the fit matters. That cute dress on Wanelo, it looks great but would it actually fit like the picture? Many sites have the option for visual reviews. Thankfully there are customers who take the time to post an optic with the item on, and give a thorough review.

Next is delivery. Is the big box necessary or did they really have to squish it into a Picture1.pngsmall space? A lot of companies have incredible packaging. The presentation is on point, with decorative colors and of course their logo. Sometimes Mother Nature can affect the delivery time, and even worse holidays. So take into consideration the seasons you decide to order from your favorite store.

Last but not least the quality. Some pictures, you can clearly see the type of material the clothing is made of. When your package arrives and you rip it open to get to your item out, and bam. It’s not the same. Not only do you have to worry about the material, but the other details too. Some shirts arrive with stitching that is not cl7.pngean, and or material that rips easily. Reading reviews are a must when it comes to online shopping, so take your time.

Enjoy the rest of your coffee while sitting on your mattress made of clouds. Online shopping has its perks and its “oh no, this won’t work.” At the end of the day, it’s a decision that’s turned into a habit for a lot of us.

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