The King and His “posse”

LeBron takes offense to a comment made by NBA royalty

by Myles Mwamba

Earlier this week New York Knicks executive, and 6x NBA championship coach, Phil Jackson had some choosy words about star Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and the company he keeps. Phil Jackson went on record in an interview in SI, Sports Illustrated, saying that James and his financial associates were a posse and need special treatment. James and his partners didn’t take these comments too kindly.


James has taken his stance not only in the media but also has taken this issue to social media. Using social media is a big platform given the global icon that he is, and the millions of people he can reach. Not only has LeBron taken the issue to social media, but also one of James’ associates, Maverick Carter, took to his Twitter to respond to the NBA exec.

This is another example of how social media is a driving force in this new day in age. James knew that he could shed light on an issue and majority of his 33 million followers on Twitter would . Also, his associate Carter didn’t respond through the media but through social media. This matter comes as a very touchy subject given that of the recent presidential election and the glooming subject of racism that comes with police brutality. This is a matter that hits James to the core given his success and run in the NBA, but feeling like he still isn’t being given the fair respect he deserves as not only a professional athlete but also as a businessman.

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