How one man nearly predicted an apocalypse during the 2016 World Series


The 2016 World Series is not one that will be easily forgotten.

Sporting two teams with the longest championship droughts in baseball history, the Chicago Cubs eventually knocked off the Cleveland Indians to claim the title and snap a 108-year agony for the Windy City.

But it was not an easy road to the championship for the Cubs.

After taking two games on the road in Chicago, the Indians grabbed a 3-1 series lead and needed only one more victory to secure the crown.

The Cubs had other ideas.

Chicago won its final game at home before going on the road and winning a wild Game 6 and, arguably, one of the craziest baseball games ever played in Game 7. During the winner-take-all Game 7, the Cubs blew a 6-3 lead in the eighth inning, which is when one tweet started to circulate.

Sent by @RaysFanGio in 2014, this Twitter user predicted not only who would play in the 2016 World Series, but that the world would end with the score tied in Game 7 in extra innings.

As fate would have it, he was right.


After a scoreless ninth inning, the game was headed to extra innings, until a rain delay halted play. This meant the game was tied in extra innings, and all we needed now was an apocalypse.

Cue mass hysteria.

Thousands of people began re-tweeting the user, including ESPN, Bleacher Report and MLB Tonight. Along with those sports outlets, hundreds of users began posting reactions to the world possibly ending, which led to countless hilarious memes, GIFs and pictures.

Fortunately for the nearly seven billion people on Earth, the world did not end. Instead, two innings later the Cubs won the World Series, which sent the entire city of Chicago into an almost apocalyptic state.

Hopefully this guy goes to Las Vegas soon.

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