America, home of the “brave”

By Nina Quatrino


Anti-Trump protesters

Once again, the brave and brash masses gather together to “fight the system”. The United States of America is a Democracy, and we as citizens have the freedom to express our opinions and believes. It is no surprise that our country is witnessing signs of backlash regarding the recent Presidential Elect Donald Trump and basically anything he or Mike Pence, Vice President Elect, have to say. College campuses across the country are fighting back in response to his victory. Rallies, protests, thousands of social media rants, and violent riots have been widespread. Being in Texas, primarily a Republican state, we are not sheltered from the drama. In fact, the University of North Texas alone has seen multiple rallies and protests from students, causing some students to skip class and avoid social media – and it doesn’t stop there. Numerous articles and news stories are being picked up across the country, reporting cases of violence, threats, hate speeches, and blatant disruption and out-lash within shopping centers, theaters, and downtown areas.

Being a minority, of Italian and Dominican [Republic] descent, I have yet to understand the hatred that millennials put on recent Elect Trump. I stated at the beginning that this is an editorial, meaning it is my opinion and personal stance on the issue.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I’ll go ahead and state that. However I do believe that he has the power to return the left party back to liberal principles, delineate from social justice and get our country back on track – fiscally and efficiently. Donald Trump reflects an outsider, with extreme dislike for elite practices. With no political experience or ties to military forces, he himself represents a retaliation against “the system”. He rose in popularity because middle America is tired of constantly having their interests put second. Middle America, or working class America, are not majorly “racist, homophobic bigots” as the media portrays them to be. These people care about jobs, government pragmatism, and national security. Distrust for the elites, globalism, lobbyists, corporatism, and Cultural Marxism are just some of the ideals that Trump has tapped into, thus spiking an interest across America and winning.

donald-trump-facebook.jpg President Elect Donald Trump 

In my opinion, Hilary, Bernie and Johnson supporters should take this time to reflect, instead of rallying and protesting against “the man”. As glamorous as protesting may seem, there isn’t much being accomplished; the electors have been chosen and the people have spoken.

Thank you.




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