Black Friday Battling Social Media

By: Nicolas Austin


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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, ham, sweet potato pie, and candy yams will be served on most dinner tables all across America. But the actual main course won’t be served until Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is when you see families and friends gathering outside of stores, and waiting in long lines in order to get the new hottest deal being offer. Black Friday is the Super Bowl for a lot of main brands. They are using this time in order to make themselves marketable through a variety of promotions. Customers on the other hand are using social media to explain their distaste for the shopping day.

Black Friday is causing customers to hate the shopping day for various reasons, in which it is resulting in brands taking a lot of negativity towards their image. According to, customers at first were big supporters of the national shopping day, but have become less supportive because of their anger, despair, and sadness from not having the outcome they were expecting to receive from the stores.

Brands followed the conversation on social media and seen a plummet of positive engagement from their customers. Since 2010 to 2015, the overall Twitter conversation of Black Friday has dropped from 35,000 to 5,000. This year is bound to have the same results due to the same reasons from previous years. Black Friday has ruined the hours of Thanksgiving and contains overrated deals that are causing customers to question the notion whether or not they should go shopping on Black Friday.

Brands can learned from their previous mistakes, and learned how to cater to their customer’s need. They can use their customer’s social media behavior towards their benefit of making the brand even better. For example, if a customer is complaining about certain deals being irrational and not beneficial via social media, the company can take actions by taking the time to understand the issue at hand. A customer can complain about tablets being too high at Best Buy on Twitter, and report that Target’s tablets are a lot cheaper than Best Buy. This allows not only for a brand like Best Buy to see what their customers are tweeting about, but also provides them a look at their competitors.

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Social media analysis is the key for brands to take advantage of Black Friday. Analyzing the behavior of customers can help understand how they are feeling about sales and promotions being presented by the brands. Looking at the brands overview through insights can help with coming up with new ideas for the brands to put themselves out there for the holidays. Also looking at the demographics and geography of your audience can help determine which promotions would be the most effect. Take for example, if you have a large population of working class people in a city, if would be very beneficial to make sales in favor of those people annual income. Making sales and promotions that are not affordable to certain group people can hurt the brand insufficiently.

If brands follow these procedure by Black Friday, it will help keep them from crashing and burning like they have done in previous years. Thanksgiving is like halftime at the Super Bowl. It has a lot of celebrating and enjoyment from being around good company. Once halftime is over brands have to maintain their game face and be prepare to bring home the trophy on Black Friday.


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