Busy bodies and Healthy Hobbies

A big problem that an everyday American faces is the struggle of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a crazy busy schedule. When your mind is going nonstop all day the last thing you want to think about is what kind of food you are putting into your body. While on the go the simple thing to do is to drive to a fast food restaurant, order a burger or burrito, and continue with your busy life. On top of that, who really wants to get home from a busy day and workout. Once someone gets some downtime they typically do not want to start exercising.

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There are a few ways to improve your health while maintaining your busy day. Eating and working out are two of the most important things that one can do to have that healthy happy lifestyle that every person desires. Not only will these little tricks improve your health but they will increase your happiness and energy.

In an article by Huffington Post, on staying healthy while busy, there are a few simple ways to improve your health. A few of those tips include not skipping breakfast, keeping healthy snacks around, and constantly drinking water. The idea here is that you do not have to cook gourmet meals that take long hours to be healthy. This post goes on to show that not only do the right eating habits improve your health but de-stressing is just as important.  (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chelsea-berler/staying-healthy-with-a-cr_b_6101956.html).

De-stressing varies amongst people, rather it be taking a ten minute bath before bed time, enjoying five minutes of silence while sitting in your car, or even listening to your favorite music. Finding something simple that can help you relax your tight, wound up body can significantly improve your health.

Lastly, exercise is something that most people dread. Why try to force a workout in your schedule when you feel like you’ve been working all day? The answer is simple, do little things throughout the day to increase your heart rate. Take the stairs and not the elevator or even take a walk on your lunch break. Little things throughout the day will help you exercise, even if it involves you doing a few squats while brushing your teeth.

Overall, maintaining a busy schedule and healthy lifestyle is hard. Taking the easy route at a fast food place or siting at your work mentally stimulated but not physically stimulated can be a bad habit that we all form. Once that habit is broken your overall wellness will improve, your energy will increase, making those long days a bit easier, and life will get a little better. It only starts with a few simple things, eating breakfast, taking stairs, and finding a few minutes to unwind will change your life and your body will ultimately thank you.

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