I Miss The Old Kanye

West brought out Kid Cudi during his show in Sacramento Nov. 19th. 

Kanye West has somehow shocked us all even more if possible, after he announced mid concert that he supported Donald Trump. This of course came during a bizarre rant in which he talked about President Obama, Beyonce, and Hillary Clinton among others. 

Not only did he go on a rant, but Kanye West arrived an hour and half late, only to abruptly end the show angrily after a mere 30 minutes and three songs.

Of course this resulted in a frenzy on social media, with everyone who attended the Sacramento show :

cxsqed2ucaibp2jKanye West then hours before his Nov. 20th Los Angeles date, canceled unexpectedly. This continuation of bizarre behavior has also shed light on the confusion of his fanbase as well as the rest of the world, really.

I thought it was really interesting how he said that he didn’t vote, but if he had would have voted for Trump. To me, it just seemed like typical Kanye – talking a lot for shock value or to catch people’s attention. Only this time, he received boos and negative criticism. Understandably, people are upset by this because they see him as a hypocrite in a way. Then, for him to cancel this next date sent the message that he wasn’t going to address the situation.

Luckily, those that attended the Sacramento date will receive refunds. However, it’s quite disappointing to see that someone could let their fanbase down like that as a performer and someone with a platform that they could be utilizing in a different way. I’m hoping its all for publicity, because even though to some he may just be a musician, he is a wealthy person with a lot of influence and power in some ways, and if he supports Trump then that’s very unsettling.

Regardless, this was an interesting week to be a Kanye West fan.

By: Sofie Milton


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