Netflix & Mom

By Jennifer Cazares


It is that time of the year to reheat leftovers from your delicious Thanksgiving meal and snuggle up in front of your nearest screen to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life with non-other than your mom.

Netflix released a campaign called “Date Night With Mom,” which aims to remind people it is totally fine to have a lazy day and spend time with your mother, but suggesting that watching Gilmore Girls with your mom is good idea too.

To go along with the campaign, a Study was conducted online by SurveyMonkey from October 28 – November 9, 2016. A little over 10,000 women from the ages of 18-65 in 10 countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and Germany) were interviewed.

The results were as followed:

  • 62% of mothers and daughters say sharing TV shows can help build a stronger relationship
  • 53% wish they spoke to their mother more often.
  • 39% of respondents say they’re two peas in a pod, and are BFFs like Rory and Lorelai.
  • 31% say they may be opposites like Lane and Mrs. Kim, but they just want what’s best for each other.
  • 30% know it can be complicated like Lorelai and Emily, but they can’t imagine life without each other.

The show portrays different dynamics and stages that almost every mother-daughter relationship goes through among the characters. The producers of the show hope that this show will bring mothers together near and far.

Netflix even provided Invitations send to one another for the occasion. So, if you have not done so already, give your mom a call and tell her how grateful you are to have to have her around.

The series will contain four 90-minute-long episodes, each titled Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and will be released on Netflix November 25, 2016. In other words, only a couple of days to find out who Rory finally ends up with (cough Jess).


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