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Juan P. Munoz


If technology teaches us anything, is that that it’s moving fast. That includes communication. As a college student at the University of North Texas, communication is a key to success in class. Organization with good communication goes hand-in-hand. Technology has advanced the ways of communicating with one another and as college students know. Group projects have recently become a fear among the students here at North Texas to the point where it’s difficult to really work in a group. I don’t mind group work. I’ve been part of good and bad groups, but I’ve never been in a group that was incompetent, and the work was usually done on time.groupme


I realized that group work and group projects aren’t going away. In the real world, businesses implement working as a group, so it’s good practice, well at least that’s what I think. At least in school, the team’s change and so does communications tools. In recent years social apps like Facebook, GROUPME, slack, skype, and many other apps. Have made their way into group work in classes. Obviously, group messaging through phones is always going to reign supreme when it comes to communicating, but there have been some changes in this past year. Virtual group collaboration is when people would rather meet virtually than face-to-face and instead use apps like GROUPME, slack, or Google docs to compensate for the lack of face-to-face time with group members.

I’ve seen the change personally. I was even required to sign up for one in a class. I think that it’s good to separate your personal life from school or work, so using apps like GROUPME instead of group text messaging is good. Now two separate locations to focus on each other thing differently.

Our phones have become tools essential for collaborating with others, but what makes an app useful in a business or academic collaboration. Notifications are relatively new for smartphones and originally were only available for when someone would receive a text message or a phone call, but those notification were available before smartphones. Now, virtually all apps have some sort of notifications. The ability to communicate privately or publically is another useful feature an app should have. Letting everyone know of certain transgressions or important information. Document sharing is also a nice feature to have. Sharing documents or posting documents on those communications apps help with the transfer of information and keeping people inform with new changes within a document. Google Docs or Slack come to mind when thinking about content sharing. Both applications allow a person to communicate and share with people they want to.

As time goes by, more and more ways to collaborate become available. Communication is key in any area. Ease of access in this fast moving world in important, and looking for more communication alternatives is always a question that needs to be answered.


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