Social Media as a News Outlet

Written By Maria Martinez

Social media is not just a place to keep up to date with your friends and family anymore. More and more social platforms are creating an environment for users to be able to not only see news but share it and their personal opinions on the topic. According to surveys taken earlier this year almost two-thirds of American adults receive their news from online social media outlets.

Hash tags have been used on Twitter for causes to raise awareness for different types of events such as the Olympics, the Paris attacks, elections, as well as the shootings of Alton Sterling and the Dallas police officers. Civil rights movements have skyrocketed and even created through hash tags such as the Black Lives Matter movement.


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Some hash tags have been more controversial than others creating tension between different viewpoints. Videos posted on social media have become something people rely on too much or speculate too much about, but which is right? Videos surfacing about unjust situations can either led people to believe a story that may be manipulated, not complete, or even just misunderstood. One the other hand some people are so untrusting they refuse to believe news they may see on social media even if it is true.

Cases about racially motivated acts are especially controversial on social media because some believe they are receiving the true story while others believe events are being exploited or enhanced. When people are trying to differentiate stories from facts and “you get a lot of conversation, people trying to figure out what is going on”.

Are you a skeptical or are you a believer? There is no right or wrong answer everyone is entitled to their personal ways of gathering information but allow yourself to see news shared on social media as well as doing your own research. Unfortunately, we may never know the full story in some cases but staying informed is the only way we can accurately form opinions on matters happening in not only our country but in the world.

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