That meme life

by: Paula Colli

Lately the Internet has been obsessed with Vice-President Joe Biden and his bromance (FYI according to auto correct bromance is not a word) with President Barack Obama. After this years elections the social media needed a bit of humor and relief, after all half of the nation isn’t quite content with the result. Memes of Biden and Obama have been plastered all over social media: Facebook, Twitter and even on Instagram because apparently some use it for things other than selfies. Anyway we all know Biden made Obama friendship bracelets making it our friendship goals. Cue the awwwww.

Memes had been the way to express a certain emotional frustration or situation with humor. Who else remembers the University of North Texas “Ice Apocalypse” 2013.

Raises hand!

I sure do, and Regina George was the face of it all. Like seriously trying to push finals to the Saturday after final weeks is so not fetch.We just wanna get A and get the hell out.


Let’s just say receiving Eagle Alerts at 6am wasn’t exactly my favorite, but this meme sure made its way around students. Oh Regina, thank you for being the face of our frustration.

There are many memorable memes, like grumpy cat because cats can apparently garner more attention than anything else. He is now famous. Can we all just become cats?

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Biden is half the country trying to “sock” President-Elect Trump or change the White House password to “ILoveMexicans”. Maybe he won’t tweet as much. Anyway, memes are a way of expression. Sometimes they show frustration, others jsut exist for the sake of laughter. All I know is that we all appreciate a bomb a** meme and we wish to share it with our besties.

So guys what I am trying to tell you here is to pretty, pretty please, MEME YOUR LIFE AWAY!


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