Why Gucci Mane is the Only Rapper Executing and Dominating His Own Social Campaign

By: Janece Dixon

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Gucci Mane, also known as Radrick Davis is a well-known rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He released his first album “Trap House” in 2005 and stole our attention ever-since with his “trap” style rap. Besides being a new fan of his music, there’s one thing I noticed about him. With 10 studio albums, and over 49 mixtapes, Gucci Mane is the only rapper to continuously execute his own social campaigns. He coined the phrase and hashtag “1017” and “Brick Squad”, who his entire fan-base affiliates themselves with. It’s shocking that this social movement is completely organic, but seems so calculated.

2013 Twitter Meltdown and 2016 Return

In 2013, Gucci went on a series of twitter rants causing confrontation between celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, and Meek Mill. It was apparent to the world that his mental state was deteriorating. After this tragic happening, the rapper served time in prison for an offense and by summer 2016 returned better than ever. Fans even accused him of being a clone all over social media. Complex.com even performed a side by side analysis addressing the question, “Is Gucci Mane a Clone?”



When addressing the controversy Gucci Mane neither admitted nor denied his clone status.

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2016 Twitter Campaigns

Every week Gucci gets his fans engaging. He’s released his single “Back On Road” featuring Drake on Twitter before any other social channels and online music sites. Often you’ll see him announcing a surprise at 10:17. So far in 2016 we’ve received his return album “Everybody Looking” and “Woptober”. The most recent hashtag campaign implemented by Gucci has been #TheReturnOfEastAtlantaSanta. Almost daily you see the rapper tweeting and engaging with fans, while encouraging them to change their profile pictures to the album cover. He’s definitely increased his fan base and goes above and beyond when it comes to social engagement.



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