Black Friday Shopping-is it really worth it?

By: Emily Pribanic

Is shopping “deals” on black Friday really worth it? Some believe it’ the only day of the year to get an amazing deal on items you need/want and to get Christmas shopping out of the way early. Others believe you can find deals just like black Friday deals every day, if you know where to look. There are a few important things to think about when deciding weather you want to spend your day shoving through crowds or even glued to your computer at home.

Crowds. Big big crowds.

The first question to ask yourself is do you want to deal with the crowds? Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and that means for every store, especially huge conglomerates like Wal-Mart. This year Wal-Mart is spanning their sales over five days and have added over 15 million more items to their online inventory. With all these deals, people line up by the hundreds to await the opening of stores, shoving their way past each other the second the store doors are unlocked.

Deals. Lots and lots of deals.

The next question you must ask yourself is what deals are going on and where. Many articles warn against buying into the hype of doorbuster deals or markdowns for a limited time, feeling pressure to buy items right then and there. The biggest question about deals is, is it really a deal? Or has the company marked up the price prior to “marking it down”. It is important to realize retailers use tactics to lure customers to buy right that very second.

What to buy?

The third important question you’ll want to ask yourself is what will you buy if you decide to partake in the back Friday frenzy. Many items like, home and patio furniture and high-end laptops are cheapest in the summer, and items like flowers, chocolate, gift cards and holiday decorations are cheapest AFTER the holiday. Also, no one needs 15 TVS, no matter how great of a deal they are.

However you feel about black Friday, make sure you always do your homework before spending lots of money and always know the return policy of stores, in case something doesn’t work out. There is no doubt black Friday contributes to our economy greatly and helps it keep working, but for me, I’d rather stay in for a lazy Friday.



How Not to Get Ripped Off on Black Friday

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