No Meat for PETA

Queen – Alexis Abamu



Over the past week and weekend I have seen PETA all across social media. For those who are like me and thought I was talking about the character from “Hunger Games”, I am not! PETA is an abbreviation for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Basically these are people that are against animal cruelty and doesn’t eat meat.


    I have come to conclusion that PETA has really been highlighted in the media this week due to the holidays and due to the fact people will be eating turkey, chicken, and ham, which is everything they are against. I personally came across PETA when they tweeted, “the best meal is the one that no one had to die for” and my favorite but bitter sweet tweet of them showing Thanksgiving turkey in reverse showing the process of what is done to a turkey before it makes it to the table.

During the holiday season vegans will be really voicing there opinions and beliefs more than ever. Which good because even through I am not vegan, reading some of the PETA post has really informed more on a lot more other things. This season people against animal harm will get a lot of promotion due to their beliefs even if they want it or not. What they should know is “any publicity is good publicity”. Posting things such as “reverse Thanksgiving” brings people to their page wanting to know more. PETA also provides blogs and recipes for an all vegan holiday dinner.




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