Bots for Facebook Messenger


Facebook has grown so much since it was first established in February 2004. From just a social platform to connect with distanced relatives or even friends that live down the street to now a platform where businesses can market and reach out to customers.


The Bots on Facebook Messenger was just implemented in July of 2016. Businesses with a business page on Facebook can implement these bots to reach out to customers via messenger and send them daily updates, daily sales, and customer service.  Not only retail tourism or hospitality; Facebook Messenger bots are now in all news like New York Times and CNN. The world renown  new stations will send customers an article.Whether it’s retail or news, the reason for the bots is to become friends first with the customers via Facebook.  This past July, Facebook said that there were over 11,000 messenger bots that were released for a smoother experience. Not only can a customer chat with their favorite company but they can pay via Messenger as well. This allows the user to pay in one window and not have to go to the company’s website, find the product and or pay via other partner. This can raise a lot of awareness to the customer about privacy and security. One advantage of these bots is that companies are becoming friends first with the users and are  available 24/7. This allows companies to get a higher user intelligence to make their company more personable for the consumer. But one downside is that this is a computer program messenger, instead of an actual person. This can create a downside with the consumer because it is less personable. Other than Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook Messenger is the second best text-based talkers.  


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